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Orange in Cambridge

On Mother’s Day this year we opted for a quiet day in Cambridge. I reminisced on my old haunts, and also befuddled myself with my complete lack of memory on how to get from one old haunt to another.

Because Jared’s birthday was the day before, we swung by the MIT museum to check out the robotics exhibits, amongst other things. Now he wants to go to MIT. Assuming he does his part and gets accepted, I suppose I should do my part and start saving every little penny. It’s definitely a far cry from his earlier sentiment of a couple of years ago, when he teared up at the thought of going to college at all because it meant he would be leaving home.

We finished off the day at Full Moon for a delicious, albeit loud (they boast a play room in the dining room for the little kids), meal. I loved it! Awesome food, the pulse of Cambridge, and the kids didn’t have to moderate their voices. What more could you ask for?

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